Nutcare X Urban Outfitters Collab

Nutcare X Urban Outfitters Collab

Nutcare is thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with Urban Outfitters Inc. Selling our award winning, men’s personal grooming products, as part of Urban Outfitter’s men’s lifestyle range across the United States, is a dream collaboration. Read on to find out why.

We believe Urban Outfitters is an inspiration in a world where trends reign supreme and individuality is celebrated. It stands out as experts in curating a wide range of high-quality merchandise for those seeking stylish, unique and innovative products that reflect personality and market trends. And it’s been doing it since 1970. That's over fifty years of experience and knowing the type of products that work for their customers!

Urban Outfitters Inc. is now selling products from Nutcare’s top selling range of high-quality male grooming and lifestyle products. Nutcare has designed this bestselling range to help men tackle their unique grooming challenges and increase their everyday comfort. Men can confidently use nutcare products as part of an improved hygienic skin care routine, all while embracing self-care and their individuality. 

Nutcare, in collaboration with Urban Outfitters, offers a unique range of men’s products to sell online for customers in the United States.  Including the one-of-a-kind Smoothnuts anti-wrinkle moisturizer. It’s a silky cream and peptide rich which is perfect for men’s thinner, more sensitive skin areas and guys are giving it five stars every time in reviews.

Urban Outfitters X Nutcare’s bestselling products options for online shopping options also include the Barenuts pubic hair removal cream for men, barebutt hair removal cream for men, and Nutcare’s premium bamboo mitt. The nutcare mitt is for use with Barenuts and Barebutt hair removal creams, and to help remove unwanted hair. It was hand-picked for its moisture wicking properties and its more ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Also in the range is Sugarnuts. A gentle, organic raw sugar body scrub, specially made to help guys better manage ingrown hairs. Sugarnuts can be used all over the body to help remove dead skin cells, reducing unwanted body odour and to help skin feeling fresh and smooth.

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So, why is this Nutcare X Urban Outfitters collaboration causing such a stir? 

The answer lies in the perfect synergy between two brands. It’s our shared understanding of the importance of customer's place on self-expression, self-care, holistic well-being. At the same time we sell high quality products our target audiences can rave about.  It’s something quite special and one that stands out in the collaboration crowd as more meaningful. 

“As part of our marketing strategy, we try to ensure our retail partners are the right fit for our brand. Our ideal partner must share our overall vibe and values and ultimately gets what our products are all about”. 

“We know Urban Outfitters as a highly recommended global retailer. One  trusted by customers. Customers who enjoy quality customer service, who research their brands and products, who are culturally sophisticated and self-expressive” says James Corner, Director at Nutcare.

This Nutcare X Urban Outfitters collaboration speaks to the modern man on a deeper level. A level where consumers are increasingly demanding reliability and integrity from brands. It’s really an inspired collaboration! 

Guys! Live your best life. Inside and out. Shop nutcare’s in demand product range, available now at Urban Outfitters now across the United States at

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